Standalone use of the Large Volume Press (no X-rays)

Application procedure

To apply for offline use of the LVP please contact the Beamline Manager (Robert Farla). Applications must include a 1 to 2 page description of the project and a brief outline/method of the planned experiments. Please also email a completed Proposal Form (see below). You will discuss with the Beamline Manager the feasibility of the project and the best plan of action.

The Beamline Manager and Beamline Scientist are happy to assist visiting scientists, but we currently do not offer training courses for visitors who have never used multianvil techniques before. First-time users who have no multianvil experience are expected to pay a visit prior to starting the project to familiarize themselves with the beamline/press operations. Thank you for your understanding.

↦ Download link for Proposal Form

Next steps

After initial discussions with the Beamline Manager the following will happen:

  1. The PI and his team should register in DOOR.
  2. The Proposal is created in DOOR, the Users will be notified by the Beamline Manager.
  3. The PI of the project should log into DOOR and apply for LVP special instrument use under "Submission of experiment specifications for additional proposal types at our facilities". The Proposal should be listed there. If not, after some reasonable time, please remind the Beamline Manager.
  4. Using the application form in DOOR, the PI will indicate the instrument specification, planned set up and preferred dates for their visit, as discussed with the Beamline Manager.
  5. DOOR will notify the PI that the experiment dates have been confirmed by the Beamline Manager.
  6. Before arrival for LVP experiments, like all other beamtime users, the PI and his team must complete the DOOR safety training*, declaration of substances, and other necessary tasks.
  7. The PI and his team are expected to arrive 1 day before the day planned for the first experiment, even earlier if no preparation work (like building of assemblies) was done!
  8. Optional: A DACHS card can be obtained in bldg. 6, R110. Bring proof of identity! A DACHS card allows for independent access to the sample preparation lab (when activated by the Beamline Manager).
*You MUST do the BASIC and PETRA III safety training modules. CHEMISTRY LAB and MECHANICALS are optional but also recommended. Other modules may not apply.

The DOOR Proposal of the PI remains active until all shifts for the project have been used up. While this is possible, the PI should go back to Step 3 and follow the process again for the next visit. Keep in mind, a new project requires a new Proposal, restarting the application process from the beginning!

NB. The Application describing the project is NOT independently peer-reviewed, unlike for beamtime! This also means that visitors from German institutions and Universities may not get reimbursed. Visitors from outside Germany generally don't get reimbursed even for beamtime.