P61 High-Energy wiggler beamline


Schematic layout of beamline P61.

The X-ray source of beamline P61 is an array of ten 4m long fixed-gap damping wigglers which serve to reduce the machine emittance. The powerful white beam from these insertion devices will be filtered by an absorber unit to reduce the total power load on the downstream optical elements. Essentially, the low-energy part of the spectrum (below about 40 keV) will be cut off. However, still more than 50% of the total emitted power will still present in the high-energy spectrum. The beam size will be adjusted by a high-power slit system in an optics hutch. The filtered white beam (“pink” beam) will then be guided to the experimental hutches downstream which will employ energy dispersive X-ray techniques initially.

In the first hutch, Helmholtz Center Geesthacht (HZG) will set up instrumentation for engineering materials science applications using hard X-ray techniques. In the downstrem hutch DESY will operate a large-volume press instrument (LVP) for studies of materials under extreme conditions. The instrument can also be used off-line for materials synthesis.

Large volume press in place at beamline P61 (prior to the installation of the experimental hutches)