Beamline Layout

As constituted on January 2015

P21.2 will consists of two optics hutches (OH1, OH2), two experimental hutches (EH2, EH3), and two control hutches (CH2, CH3). The beamline has a total length of 73m from the entrance of OH1 to the last wall of EH3.

OH1 is the high heat load optics hutch. The main optics elements are a high heat load liquid nitrogen cooled double Laue monochromator, and a CRLs for focussing.

Distance Source - Entrance OH1: 90.9 m
Length of OH1: 16.4 m

CAD side view OH1

OH2 is the optics hutch housing the high resolution channel cut monochromator, which can be used optional.

Distance Source - Entrance OH2: 107.3 m
Length of OH2: 4.6 m

CAD side view OH2

EH2 is the experimental hutch for heavy and/or large sample environments. The main techniques available in EH2 are diffraction and WAXS.

Distance Source - Entrance EH2: 138.4 m
Length of EH2: 6.7 m

EH3 will be equipped with a bulk diffractometer as well as an interface diffractometer. The main techniques available in EH3 are diffraction, WAXS, SAXS, and imaging.

Distance Source - Entrance EH3: 145.1 m
Length of EH3: 18.85 m

CAD side view EH3

CH2 is the experimental control hutch for EH2.

CH3 is the experimental control hutch for EH3.

Picture of the CH3