P21.2 - Swedish High-Energy Materials Science Beamline

The inline branch of the Swedish materials science beamline will operate in the energy range of 40 - 150 keV and is in particular designed for the combination of WAXS, SAXS, and Imaging techniques. Therefore the downstream "diffraction station" EH3 provides flexible positioning of various detector types including a SAXS camera 15 m behind the sample position. An interface diffractometer is optimized for grazing incidence geometries, and a diffractometer for bulk samples provides a vertical rotation axis with sub-micrometer concentricity. Both instruments can also support medium sized sample environments (up to a weight of few hundred Kg). An Eulerian cradle with horizontal rotation axis could also be mounted to the bulk sample diffractometer. Larger sample environments can be operated in the upstream "roll in" station EH2.

First beam: after winter shutdown 2017/2018



Technical Design Reports

application/pdf Conceptual Design Report (855KB)
Conceptual Design Report
application/pdf P21_TDR_Final_07-08-2013.pdf (4.6 MB)
Technical Design Report


application/x-pdf TDR_Presentation_Lienert.pdf (3.3 MB)
TDR presentation Lienert
application/pdf TDR_Presentation_Sidestation_Zimmermann.pdf (1.2 MB)
TDR Presentation sidestation v.Zimmermann
application/pdf TDR_Presentation_Drube.pdf (1.9 MB)
TDR Presentation Drube


application/pdf P21_poster_UM2014.pdf (457KB)
DESY Users Meeting 2014

Location of P21 in the new erected PETRA III East Hall

Schematic overview of P21 (tentative)