Beamline Layout

The beamline has three different parts:
(1) The 2.3 m-long bending magnet
(2) Beamline optics like mirrors, monochromators and filters
(3) The end-station with sample environment and detectors

(1) The length of the bending magnet is 2.3 m. On these 2.3 m the electron beam is bend by 12 mrad.

Bending magnet in PETRA tunnel

(2) Two optical mirrors will focus the beam horizontally (M1) and vertically (M2) on the entrance slit of the primary monochromator. Then, monochromatized light will focus through exit slit and mirror (M3) onto sample.

The primary monochromator with sample chamber

(3) The experimantal hutch size is 9 m long 4.5 m wide and 5 m high.

P66 experimental hutch