PETRA III Extension


View of the PETRA III storage ring (red line) showing the present experimental hall together with the planned additional experimental halls in the North and East. Overall options for additional extensions at the accessible long straight sections are marked with shaded ovals. Two of these are accommodating the damping wiggler (DW) arrays which will also be used as a hard X-ray source in hall North. The machine lattice in the arc sections will be modified with two DBA cells yielding two 5m long straight sections. Using a canting scheme with 20mrad canting angle, four 2m long straight sections become available for insertion devices.

In order to extend the experimental capabilities of PETRA III and to continue applications formerly provided by DORIS III, additional beamlines will be built at the PETRA III storage ring. Overall, there are several options for extension buildings along the circumference of the storage ring, specifically at the long straight sections (Fig. 1) which are well-suited for insertion devices.

This extension project comprises two new experimental halls on either side of the large new PETRA III hall (North and East) making use of the long straight sections and the adjacent arcs. The northern straight section already accommodates one of the 40 m long damping wiggler arrays producing an extremely hard and powerful X-ray beam which can also be utilized for experiments. The long straight in the east will be used for additional insertion devices.